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Questions and Answers

If Slip eco lube is biodegradable, will it break down quickly on my garden tools?

No. Warmth, moisture and bacteria are required for our products to biodegrade. Our lubricants last in excess of a month on the garden tool. Some oxidation (reaction with oxygen in the air) with occur, but this occurs with petrochemical products too. A plant based anti-oxidant N-toc reduces oxidation. We've had shears stay lubed for 6 months with occasional use, from just one application of Slip eco lube.
Slip eco lube breaks down in the environment, when it spills or eventually wears off - not when still in use.

What is the shelf life of Slip eco lube? I run a garden centre and can't have waste.
Does Slipt biodegrade on the shop shelf?

More than 3 years. With the cap on, oxygen to feed any bacteria in the bottle is kept out. The products are stable for more than 3 years on a shelf, even in day light. This is based on an actual 3 year test, we've not tested beyond this. It's assumed the products will last beyond 3 years easily.

Is Slip eco lube suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes. We don't use any animal by-products to make Slip eco lube.

Is Slip tested on animals?

We are against animnal testing. None of the ingredients within the formula have been tested on animals after 1992.
Nor has the finished product been tested in animals.

What's wrong with PTFE?

Firstly, PTFE makes a carcinogen in its production called PFOA.
Lean more here.

Secondly, PTFE is not biodegradable. It accumulates in the environment and body tissue.

Thirdly, PTFE is a polyflourinated chemical. Watch Greenpeace's video on the harm caused by polyflourinated chemicals here.

What is in Slip eco lube?

Sustainably sourced plant and fruit extracts. No palm oil. The formula is though a trade secret.

What's the point of all this?

Water pollution annoys us. PTFE and petrochemicals are harmful, yet sprayed all over people's garden tools every year.
People rightly give millions of pounds to cancer charities. Yet, we are surrounded by carcinogens and people still sell PTFE, which makes a carcinogen when it's made. PTFE is used in lubricants, which you might breath in.

Lastly, when companies like ours make millions of pounds, we can use the profits to protect the environment.
Imagine if the World's millionaires spent their money on buying up the world's rain forest, putting them in trust of indigenous people and the animals that live there.
Imagine if instead of buying larger and larger yachts, they spent money on contraception and education around the World to stop poverty, and give women rights.
Imagine if charities like Practical Action, Oxfam, Population Matters, Friends of the Earth and tree replanting charities received a billion pounds each year and the rich did this instead of investing in sweatshops, forest clearance and pain.
People and the environment would benefit, that's why I went into business.

Simon Nash


    Slip eco lube 200ml
- Prevents rust
- Restores rusty tools
- Stops moisture
- PTFE free and fully biodegradable
- Hundreds of uses around the house, garden and office



  Slip eco lube bottle


Stock Slip

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