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Simon Nash and garden sheers
Adam Greenman of Greenman tools pic and endorsement of Slip eco lube
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Slip Eco Lube was developed at Green Oil UK Ltd, a company that created the country's first biodegradable bicycle lubricant, and exposed the environmental damage of PTFE and petrochemicals.

Founded by Simon Nash, a bicycle ride through the river Quaggy with an oily bike chain made Simon question the issue or lubricants.

The product Green Oil got coverage in The Ecologist Magazine, bike industry awards, and later on the BBC Breakfast News.

Simon Nash on BBC Breakfast News

An environmentalist and plant lover, Simon developed Slip for garden tools and for other things around the home, shed and office.
Launched in 2016 at Ecobuild, a Kickstarter was created.


The Kickstarter didn't work out, but there were enough backers to get the project off the ground.

Join the Slip eco lube Kickstartre

Slip Eco Lube was scaled up in September 2016, and the company partnered with Suma Wholefoods.
Suma sell to healthfood, organic and ethical shops around the UK. This distribution partnership was the first big break for Slip Eco Lube.

With ambitions to see Slip Eco Lube on the shelves at sustainable retailer B&Q, Slip underwent a rebrand, and launched the new look
at Blue Patch's Sustainable Department Stoor Pop-up in Dulwich. A B&Q basket found at Glastonbury festival two years before was
cleaned up and polished with Slip Eco Lube to display on the stand. It looked great!

Bluepatch Sustainable Department store launch
Slip Eco Lube is sold in shop around the UK and we're looking to expand overseas right now.
If you can help, or would like to stock Slip eco lube, please call us.

Every bottle sold means less water pollution.
If you swap from a PTFE petrochemical lube to Slip, you reduce your risk of cancer.

And Slip eco lube actually works.





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