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Slip eco lube uses plants, not petrochemicals. Formulated and made in the UK, it utilizes natural ingredients to ensure it sticks to metal, but not so sticky that excess dirt sticks. Developed to prevent rust and moisture, it's still biodegradable, petrochemical, palm oil and PTFE free.
The next batch will use a recycled plastic bottle too, from British recycling bins.


Petrochemical free

Petrochemicals can be harmful to the environment. Oil spils show this. It takes a long time to break down.
Oil extraction is an energy intensive and dirty business.

Sustainably sourced, plant based ingredients
Because plants absorb carbon, our products are probably carbon negative. A 200ml bottle absorbs around 200 grams of CO2 to create.
Plant based ingredients are biodegradable and are less harmful to the environment.
Plants from crops, fruits leaves and various sources make our range.

No palm oil
In Indonesia and other countries, indigenous people get kicked off their land, orangutans get shot, and rainforest is burnt to the ground. This is all to grow palm oil plantations. Palm oil is used for biofuels, and in shampoo, soap and many other items.
We don't use palm oil in any of our products.
We use sustainably sourced plants instead.

PTFE makes a carcinogen in its production.
PTFE accumulates in the food chain, the environment, and in body tissue.
Due to using toxic chain lube and greases, many mechanics have suffered dermatitis and poor health.
We're changing that by formulating products without PTFE or petrochemicals.

100% recycled plastic bottles. Whilst our bottles are recycable, we will in 2017 make them from recycled plastic.
Closing the loop.
Recycled plastic has a lower carbon footprint to produce.
If every company used recycled plastic, we'd need less oil exploration to make new plastics.
If all plastic products were made from recycled plastic, we'd have less plastic in landfill - with a market inscentive to encourage recycling.
Our recycled plastic will be sourced from the UK, for our British made bottles.
Green Oil UK Ltd was the first company in the UK to use 100% reycled plastic bottles in 2010, even before innocent the smoothie company. We will extend this to Slip eco lube in 2017.

Recycled plastic bottles ready to be filled

We also use an ethical bank The Co-operative Bank, recycled paper around the office, Green Web Host for our websites and we're a commercial partner of Friends of the Earth. We use The Green Stationary Company for most office supplies, Comm-Tech to supply our upcycled computers and re-fill our Brother printer ink cartidges. The Green Oil office uses 100% LED lighting and maximises daylight.

We also avoid airfreight for most overseas orders.

Some companies think the environment is just a marketing opportunity and greenwash with phrases like 'recyclable' and 'CFC Free'. We actually beleive environmental protection is important.

Thanks for being part of it.

    Slip eco lube 200ml
- Prevents rust
- Restores rusty tools
- Stops moisture
- PTFE free and fully biodegradable
- Hundreds of uses around the house, garden and office



  Slip eco lube bottle


Stock Slip

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